3 ways to monetize a blog|the third one will shock you.

3 ways to monetize a blog.

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They are many options when it comes to ways to monetize a blog and also,there are many ways of getting started,choosing the right monetizing network and the most importantly SEO.

Amazon Associates

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Also,how to monetize with ads had been one of man greatest efforts on this planet and in this article I will be giving you the 3 most easiest ways to monetize a blog.

After the three techniques explanation you will learn how to monetize blogger without AdSense,,blogging sites to earn,,how to monetize with AdSense and many ways to run an affiliate programs.

AdSense is one of the greatest network to monetize but there are many other ways to generate revenue even without any ads networks.

Monetize without AdSense

Affiliate program

Affiliate program or affiliate marketing is one of the best way to monetize your blog without pasting any ads code and which allows you to generate more income than AdSense if you do it in the right way.

Affiliation helps a lot,and generate many incomes,the question that sometimes bother me is “how do I get started?” and I am very sure it will do bothers you.

what is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing simply means promoting a particular product or products using link or a code to your site and getting some percentages if any buyers buy from your links.

Affiliate marketing

Getting started with affiliate marketing


Niche and contents

Niche and content had always been the problem of many affiliations.
how do I choose the right niche,how do I write a good content that fit my niche?,note this,the problems of most blogger who are runing affiliation is there niche and contents why I said this Is because the best way to earn a good revenue is through your contents and niche.

Because you have to choose the product which fits your contents or niche.
You are wrong if you think that choosing any type of products in your affiliation is good because of earnings and popularity,thought popularity is good but you might find a wrong audience.

Choosing the right affiliates

Affiliate marketing program choosing is also a good technique,choose affiliate program that are popular not just search on google and choose one.

Search for trending programs not just anyone and any site.
Go ask people or google the store that had many buyers and sellers and make sure to do a research on any one you see.
But here am l going to tell you some good affiliate program to use.

Many programs are out there you can use anyone that fits your content.
AMAZON ASSOCIATE is a good affiliate program to use,this allows you to sign up,add your sites or apps add your payment method then start running your ad.
You can get their plugin and start earning.

Some affiliate program to use.

CLICKBANK is also a good example of affiliation some many other are CLICKTOSELL,JVZOO and SHAREASALE.

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Ways to monetize a blog

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Monetize WITH Google AdSense

As I said earlier,Google AdSense is one of the biggest and one of the most recognize ads network in the industry,one of the things I love about them is they have no minimum traffic requirements that is to say they give you no trouble,just your content and content only not copying and pasting.

And when it comes to AdSense,you just needs three things,your Google account,content from scratch and your phone number with a postal code.

Before I had created a content that teaches you how to get AdSense approval in 10 days,with no effort at all check here https://www.aykkellin.xyz/2019/07/HowIgetAdSenseapprovalin10days.html?m=1.

That link also covered how to make money blogging for beginnners and how to monetize your blog using a valid U.S address.

Have you get your “Signing up for AdSense” requirements?,now let do this http://Google AdSense
use your mail and other thing complete everything on your screen and click to create you will be giving a code paste it and That all,no need to go into full detail this thing had been popular.

This full tips also covered how to monetize a blog 2019,but What are the blogging sites to earn money?.
WordPress and blogspot have popular in all this years but we still had more blogging platforms to earn,wix,tumblr are also a good examples.
WordPress have created a very easy way for it users which your earning experience be smooth and easy it is called “word ads”.

Monetize with WordPress AdSense



What is word ads?
Word ads is a monetizing network given by wordpress for any of it users who have a keen interest on it unlike Google AdSense it have a minimum traffic requirements Google AdSense Doesn’t.

You may be wondering if this is possible,well,yes infact this step is the easiest form of monetization and am going to show you 2 tools and tips about this.


This tool is one of the most used in it industry,with this tool you Create what you owns and start sharing in to the public,it might be ebooks,infact ebooks is the most widely recognized and easy to buy,ebook is not the only one available,it might accessories,it kitchen utensil,it might phones even anything and all thing.


You can choose virtual and downloadable product.
And again choosing your payment method is easy,woocommerce let you provide a valid PayPal email address then PayPal will handle everything.
Easy?,now let go look at the rest.

This is the second tool,it exactly like woocomerce and they handle everything for you,you either choose woocommerce or the latter it in your hand and they are both good and OK.



Now check this Questions many people ask.

let me tell you this,when it comes to monetizing there is no limit in blog just know what you’re doing there are many free sites how there that earn more than paid sites.

How to earn money in WordPress free blog?.

Any free blog in WordPress must have a domain and a good hosting company that will Create you a control panel.

This ways of Earning money blogging is also applicable to any free blogging especially (GOOGLE BLOGGER).

How to monetize a blogger blog

Monetizing a blogger blog is a very easy way,
There are thousands of informations about this ,even without a paid domain name you can get it approved with Google AdSense and more affiliate out there.

How to monetize a WordPress blog in 48 hours




This is another question many people want to know,there is only one way to do this,although there may be thousands of way but I am only suggesting what I knew.


WordPress referral program is the only way I knew,through this you can make more dollars without any contents or even site,just your WordPress account.

HOW TO make money blogging for beginners.

The above steps will help you,the below steps will help you generate more.

more about ways to monetize a blog…

100% ways to keep visitors

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Ways to monetize a blog
There are only few tips for that.
This tip helps your readers to cling to your post and even send more readers.
This will make your readers stay long and try to get more information.
This piece of tip will help you to keep your audience even more longer,but try to explain most of your contents with diagrams and pictures.

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Ways to monetize a blog


So thank you for reading this pieces of information.
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So you can make a good living with your little blog.



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