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Upcoming movies people are so crazy about

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Do you really love movies?,then get ready for this two upcoming movies you must watch.

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This movies are going to be the best movies on Netflix because more people are bracing and wishing for the day to come for this new movies,as you know Netflix movies are coming up in every year.

This two upcoming movies will be ready to be view on amazon prime movies,regal cinema movies and more movie store on this same date but I will choose amazon prime movie,for me amazon prime movie is the best place for online video watching.

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Upcoming movies


Shazam movie is one the most time view in 2019

am pointing to the first one,then you can image how this sequel will be,in fact it will be among the most watch movie on Netflix movies and amazon prime movie.

Actors: Asher Angel as Barry Baston who can Transform into an adult superhero played by Zachary Levi,mark Strong,jack Dylan Grazer and Djimon Hounsou.

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It was firstly directed by David F Sandberg through a screenplay by Henry Gayden but a story by Gayden and Darren Lemke.

This movie is a movie which I found very interesting and nice,Shazam movie was a 2019 American movie which was proudly produce by new line cinema and distributed by warner bros universally.

Am still thinking that why isn’t Shazam the best movie on amazon this time,I know you will never want to miss out this one of the great upcoming movies,both movies,I mean the first and upcoming one are good movies and also kids movies,not surprised?but the thing about me is that I love kids,and I can say this I am a kid.

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Upcoming movies


John wick(Second best Upcoming movies)

are you in love with john wick?,Then get ready for the next sequel and stay along with Amazon video prime movie.

I love movies a lot just like you,you love movies,I love movies,that why you’re reading this and that why I write.

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See ya later.


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