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TheExoduses | Share ads and get paid on theExoduses

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Mulabux alternative Exoduses review

Racksterly has fallen but a program just like mulabux has been created and launched which is called “theExoduses”,this program was launched on the 10th of January,’s a registered company under CAC in Nigeria with RC2481075 number.Theexoduses mulabux alternative review

What amuses is that,from the point of registering,to the last point of withdrawal it just exactly like mulabux.

Have you heard about mulabux?,read this. What makes the difference is the subscription,TheExsoduses has a higher subscription than mulabux just like racksterly.

Real reason why Racksterly close so soon

Racksterly is great and the first in this,but it took me months to noticed it.

noticed them only when they are dying,sometime around December,2019.

what do you think brought its downfall

what brings their downfall is payment gateways,paystack and flutterwave.

They still owned me $18 when i i do  January subscription,they closed but the money hasn’t return since,this is what caused it.

Work from home

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Racksterly was launched sometime around August,2019 with paystack as its payment gateway,the network arise and started gaining fame and suddenly became popular,it was then that crisis arise,the money paystack pay monthly is higher than expected according to techcabal who talked with them,this problem became big that many people complained about not getting paid.

Then it started,on December Racksterly announced that they are switching to flutterwave unknowingly that this two networks communicates.

Until suddenly i logged in to my Racksterly account only to discovered that my earning has gone they put a mail communication option so that i can talk to flutterwave for me to receive my money.


But with Exodus and mulabux i find no problem because i noticed two things,first,they have no payment gateways and secondly,payments and subscriptions are both handled by them,no third parties.

I guarantee,you can start to make money online with just sharing ads.

Mulabux is good TheExoduses is good and also i have many payments proof from mulabux both referral and main balance but exoduses just open so i have just few proof which are only referral commissions.

If you’re working with mulabux you can join this too because multiplying your earning matters,now let get back to Exoduses.

TheExoduses income program review.

Although we launched Theexoduses on the 10th of January,2020 but she began full operation on the 2nd of February,2020,they defined themselves as:

Theexoduses income program reviewMy chat with one of their agent,so as to show you that they respond quick when you contact them.

payment proofTheexoduses income program review

Mulabux alternative review

Mulabux alternative


TheExoduses testimonial

Exoduses review

Mulabux alternative


If you want to know more about them register here and create a ticket,they will respond quickly.Create an account now and start making your income doubled.

If you have any questions i do like to answer it in that comment box,make sure you comment.

Exoduses mulabux alternative review



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