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Sunbiz forum review | sunbiz is not good for you

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Everything to know about Sunbiz forum

Sunbiz forum was created some months ago not up to 5 months and they are having more than 61 thousand members,but every to join members must know something about sunbiz that is why we created this review.

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Does sunbiz forum legit?.

Before answering this we will need to flash back to some months ago,back to the era of blog24,some of you will not know that this forum sunbiz was created by the same people who created blog24 see proof

We  wrote a blog post recently about how blog24 agent attempt to scam me,although he did and later gave me a free coupon to join sunbiz forum


Sunbiz forum review

Sunbiz claimed to be a read,comment and earn platform,but do they pay?.

If you have an account with them,well done and if you don’t,wait,because everything they claimed to be was just to attract people to their forum,I read a post by a pro blogger,wapslight before written this,i saw that they even ban account

One of their commentator said he has requested to cashed out his affiliate earnings and have never received any bank alert or been credited since 3 daysSunbiz forum review

We created an account with them with the coupon code the agent gave us which means we at X-moreupdate are having an account with them they even own us+

They claimed to be paying referrals everyday and activities earner every 7 days which means they ought to be paying activities earner every Saturday.

What I thought about this forum is that they aren’t truthful and they copied other forum which claimed to be doing this but nothing bad in that,according to umaru tijani,the agent that gave me the coupon code to activate my sunbiz account,he said he Wanted to create a platform like NNU and giftalworldand if you log in to this forum and click to share any sponsored post you will see this name,umaru tijani,as the person who posted itSunbiz forum review

Back to blog24 era

Most of our readers will probably know about blog24 or maybe heard of it,for you who didn’t know about them we will shed light. Blog24 is one of the ponzi website,you pay a subscription fee and it doubled at The end of the month just by sharing ads and the subscription ends every 7 days,you renew it if you want to but sadly for the users,they change plans which make many people to loose money both their capitals and their earned money but we aren’t sure if they paid them back because we are not part then.

Before this time,we haven’t heard nor read about them,but one day we browse through a blog post by a pro blogger who is also a friend on Facebook,he wrote that they are good,but note this,not everything that bloggers say is good are good,some bloggers will say it good just because they want you to be their referral and earn their percentage for inviting you in,according to slooreviews.Sunbiz forum review

How we join sunbiz

Back to point,according to the blogger friend,we joined not knowing that they have changed the system,you will now subscribe for 30 days instead of the formal 7 days,I paid my subscription fee which is #2500 just to start to this agent named umaru tijani who gave me a used one,am not going back to the story just read it here. We settled this because of the blog post you just read and we start to talk.

It was there he told me about his passion about creating a platform like NNU and giftalworld accordingly as he said. Days later this site,blog24 paused every activities they don’t post update and if you share ads you won’t be paid,then one day a message hitted us on WhatsApp by that same blog24 agent he gave us a link to sunbiz forum and a free coupon code worth #1500 we created and activated the account.

What I thought about sunbiz forum

That agent told me that they changed business Sunbiz forum reviewSunbiz forum reviewand if you log in to sunbiz account and in the share ads page you will see his name umaru tijani which means I don’t have any idea who the founder was but am sure that it is still among blog24 ownership line. It not advisable to join and I can’t recommend it for anybody to join unless you want to loose your money,when it was first created it was #1500 but now its #500 which means they are using all means to bring members to them.

Most of you have heard of giftalworld,one thing I like in them is that they never change decisions made,and that is the secret of every successful business. If you made a change to a plan, believe me it will affect the foundation. Giftalworld is the best income program now,join.

Make sure you don’t join sunbiz forum

But this is not for everyone,you can go ahead and join if you have  big heart we are not saying that they are scamming people but they are not truthful and again all what you read here is what we have reviewed and tested.

Before,we trust every blog post we read online as long as we see their payments proofs and it affected us a lot from February to May we lost up to #40,000 to this, both capital and earn. If you need strong and real review check slooreviews that guy is good he will not write anything to something strange rather than lie about it.

And trust this,most of these income programs are not helping,they just need you to make them money,it is something you can do,if you want to create a paying site like that check here. We believe you now know what to do concerning this sunbiz program

I need to make money online,how?

If you’re having this in mind you just have a little thing to do and you have a thousand idea to follow,create a YouTube channel,start a blog or be an affiliate.

If you do like to be an affiliate,fiverr affiliate will be good. Or join giftalworld and candynews both are good now.

Most of this income programs make compulsory of their affiliate system,which is bad. If you want to start a work online,the best thing is to do a google search.

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