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Shazam movie | Download and review

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shazam movie is a movie which I found very interesting and nice,Shazam movie was a 2019 American movie which was proudly produce by new line cinema and distributed by warner bros.


It was directed by David F Sandberg through a screenplay by Henry Gayden but a story by Gayden and Darren Lemke.


Actors: Asher Angel as Barry Baston who can Transform into an adult superhero played by Zachary Levi,mark Strong,jack Dylan Grazer and Djimon Hounsou.


Shazam movie plot.


The plot follow Billy Baston who was chosen by the ancient Champion the wizard Shazam received various superpowers,Billy and his best friend fredy must discover Billy superpowers in other to stop the evil Thadeus Sivana.


Shazam movie review.


Shazam movies started with Thadeus sivana as kid with his family (father and senior brother).


Thadeus was transported to a strange and unknown dark land where he met the wizard Shazam the old champion,the wizard of wanted a new champion but unfortunately for Thadeus he was tempted by some monsters who has caged by the old champion he was sent back by the wizard,saying you’re not worthy.


Angel Asher does not, as you might know, play the adult superhero who appears,It’s a stark disappointment when Zachary Levi and his muscles show up, not just because Levi is less magnetic than Angel but because he doesn’t seem to be playing the same character.


Didn’t the director, David F. Sandberg, get the two actors together to work on some common moves? Angel’s Billy is wary, over defended, he has had to grow up too fast. But Levi’s shtick is the schism between the adult super body and childish emotions that Angel hasn’t ever displayed.

Shazam movie

Shazam has a genial sloppiness that might remind you of the days (if you can remember them) when the fates of studios didn’t rest on the ability of one or two B movies with men in goofy suits to generate billions in revenue.

Shazam movie

And it evokes something even further back a time when superhero comics seemed genuinely liberating, a relief from a culture that relegated fantasies of magical transcendence to the realm of “kids’.

Shazam movie

That was, of course, before fantasy became the ruling aesthetic and Marvel and DC began to suck up studio resources,before this crap became so much oppressive.



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