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Blog income is always necessary for every old and new blog,without this it either you’re blogging for passion or you’re doing it as your pastime.
Blog income is a very good way to earn money online but how can we get this done,use this URL to start your monetization………https://xmoreupdate.xyz/2019/09/06/wordpress-seo-plugins/

using good SEO titles

How to get 100% blog income

Using a good SEO title is very good and nice,this will increase your click through rate [ctr] thereby giving you many visitors.

Examples of a good SEO title

Use a magnetic phrase

Example if you’re writing about SEO,the title can be “good SEO tools never discussed before|The last one will shock you”,people will be like oww!,I must check this content and see what the last tool was.

Writing an awesome content

Article writing is one the most handsome way to get a great income from a blog here are reasons
this also will keep your audience long and thereby increasing your review in your monetize network.
what are the tips of writing a good article.

By using first person pronoun

By using this tip you’re creating a link with your audience and breaking every bar and blockage,the first person pronoun helps readers to understand many hidden tips in your written .

Using short paragraphs

Shorts paragraphs helps a lot when it comes to blog publishing but when using this make sure every paragraph in your post have at least one helpful tips this will help your readers to read more.

By using this it will help you keep visitors and make them stay long and thereby boosting your revenue in your ad network.

Using simple words and phrases

Using a very plain,simple word and phrases let visitors stay longer Hard phrases Chase visitors away but if you’ve some helpful tips the hard word will be wasting their time because it’s usually be ” one hard word,one google search”.

So if you’re have 20 hard words it will be 20 times Google search,indeed their time will be wasted they may never comes to your site again.

And make sure you’ve more than 300 words.

Use diagrams and pictures

Using pictures are really good but there are also some wrong uses of pictures.

Using pictures is like shedding light to your post diagram helps users understand better.

Right uses of pictures and diagrams

Make sure you’ve a diagram in every sub-headings.

Make sure your pictures is about the post after every subheadings.

Make sure the diagram fitted what you point or write about.

Make sure it defined your content and highlights any piece of information.

Wrong uses of pictures and diagrams

Some will just put it anywhere and not in-between the subheadings and contents.

Wrong uses of unknown pictures that didn’t fit your content and writtens after subheadings.

Using any pictures that you came across and no definition of contents.

Blogger salary

Blogger salary are the revenue earned in every month, but before you earn anything you must have a valid and ready to response monetized,it might be affilation,it might be ad,and even other means of generating revenue.

But what is a blogger salary per post.
Your articles and contents determined,what I meant is that it how long you keep a visitors and and how long they read your post that will determine what you will earn at the end of each visits.

Can you really make money blogging?

Anyway the answer is yes if you have the passion within you,there are many bloggers out there making more money At the end of the month you also can be part.

Can you really make money blogging?

This two books will shed more light

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