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Kajabi vs thinkific

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When it comes to making money online by selling courses online,this two mentioned are the best pop up choices and idea,this brought the idea of creating kajabi vs thinkific,can i get the best tool to use?.

kajabi vs thinkific | reviews

Thinkific reviews

Thinkific has claimed to be the best tool when it comes to selling onli none courses. They provided their services for free and also provided an upgrade option,you can upgrade your account to have acces to some other services and tools.

Thinkific is one the best online courses provider. You can create a free account and then upgrade it or leave it.

Because using a free account or an upgraded one still means “making money by selling online courses”,it just that using an upgraded account will provide you more chances of tools and services.

They also provided an app for easy login and selling,with thinkific you have a domain which will be hosted by them but you can choose to have your own domain and hosting. Thinkific features are good to notice with thinkific app,you can either use the app for thinkific login or choose the web side.

Also,their unlimited students will help you earn more,if your courses are good there is no thinkific for nonprofits,making money there is assured and guaranteed.

Their course pricing is a free tool,publish your courses and set price,is that simple. You drive traffic to your courses with thinkific demo. Now are you going to sign up? Let me help set things up,click now to login,you will see page like this Kajabi vs thinkificfill the page then sign up.

Then you will see something like choose it means you are a member then start selling your course.

Kajabi review

Unlike thinkific,kajabi doesn’t provide a free plan but instead you pay them along your account creation,but they offered a 14 days trial which enable you to have access to all their services freely for 14 days.


Kajabi vs thinkific

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Kajabi subscriptions are so easy because you can pay to subscribe with many methods i.e payment gateway,check the image below

Getting started with them is guaranteed and assured also like thinkific except in terms of pro plan,their pro plan  pop up after 14 days trail but thinkific pro plan is a choice.

Kajabi vs thinkific



Buy now

Kajabi pricing can’t be affordable for some people that why a trail is created you can make some money even before it ended and pay them if only you are so passionate about it,i have some people like that and they are so good about it,you also can be part.

Kajabi vs thinkific | Difference and common

This two networks are alike when it comes to selling courses online but they still has some difference and distinctions,thinkific offered a free plan for as long as you can handle it but kajabi on the other hand didn’t but instead offered a 14 days free which will stop if you don’t pay,although they requested your payment information along with creating of account.

That was awesome right?

Now start making money online while you sell your courses.



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