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Inksnation | Tap into the world of millionaires

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Tap into the world of millionaires on inksnation,what is inksnation?.

Inksnation birth

98% of us here heard about Bitcoin, ecoins, forex trade etc they are all cryptocurrency.

They are all built by other countries under blockchain which make them generate billions to the country both the citizens and the government and Nigeria excluded but a Nigerian man named OMOTADE SPARK AMOS SEWANU keep the story short he built IBNAIRA.

Ibnaira | inksnation

This is first cryptocurrency in nigeria under blockchain. The aim is to eradicate poverty in Nigeria,

He started November 2019 and throw it to the government body (ogans of government).

He also wrote a letter to EFCC,. stated! ” I put my life in improvement as public scam if this failed i could not paid people”Inksnation

The organ of government and CBN checkmate it, “ibnaira was a good strategies to generate money to the country”.

Why inksnation?

You can only made that money on inksnation which is their official website,before you get access to this opportunity you must sign up in this site and get your account activated.

Kajabi vs thinkific

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The registration plan split into 4 plan which is base on monthly salary.

You would be paid monthly based on the plan you subscribed

Bronze. 1k-120k

Silver. 10k-180k

Gold. 100k-240k

Diamond. 1m- 300k

Just go for the plan you can afford but be fast because all registration closes few days from now.

Monthly salary usage starts August 12 2020

Apart from your 120k monthly salary you will also get 2.6m (depends plan) on your ibnaira account although it increase every month

You would not have access to it except you have events of eventuality or, any emergency situation like. Buy car, build house, or pay house rent so you can request if approved u will get it.

Why we trust inksnation

For many people it takes time,hard time to establish trust and relief over some matter like this and that has been affecting us,when bitcoin and forex trading was first invented it looked like a lie and play but the people who risked it then are feeling ok now.

And with becoming an inks in inksnation you have the right to give them 79.75% trust just like me but it’s increasing everyday,why did i say this?. The CEO and founder omotade spark amos sewanu have written to the Nigeria Federal Government and EFCC about this,readInksnation

NIGERIA FEDERAL GOVERNMENT spoke about this encouraging more people to join,join our WhatsApp group for more details.

Inksnation provide two way to earn

After successful activation you will see something like thisInksnationThat is your right but this is not what am talking about because you can still earn more. You can earn 50k per month without touching the reserve,now let get started.

Earn with Ibnaira pinkard

Log in to your account click hereInksnationThen click activate pinkardInksnationit will take you to where you will fillĀ  the requirements and submit then wait for approval,after approval you will be given 70k here.

The money there is for you to be activating new accounts and be collecting money from them but if you know you can’t do please don’t activate the pinkard because you must be paying 20k to the system and be given 70k in return,if you’re good in referring then go ahead.

You will be paid 70k after approval at the end or after exhaustion you will pay 20k for another 70k. The people will pay you their subscription fees and help them activate their account with the pinkard money,because inksnation don’t accept credit card and other form of payment.

Tap into the world of million here

Join our WhatsApp group and learn how to make money using your phone.



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