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How to self publish on Amazon

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How to self publish on Amazon is one of many ways to generate online income and start distributing your products to the word,but how can we do this because merely sign up and login won’t do.

And when it comes to how much does it cost to publish a book on amazon this guides make it zero.

This little article contains and cover almost everything steps you should know,after this reading you will be able to publish books on Amazon,publish media on Amazon and even had your own product page.

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Amazon self publishing services.

There are many ways to publish on Amazon

And i called this Amazon self publishing services

One way out of this are very famous but it required money,That is you pay a membership amounts of money in every month,this service is popularly known as Amazon seller central it let you publish to amazon app store but that one isn’t good for you Because Amazon has been popular in all this years and there are thousands like you.

But without this you can still sell your music,arts,books and even audio books and physical products like clothes,shoes and some other wears without paying a coin and still earn like thousand others in the industry.

Like many others Amazon has been the sources of income and livelihood Why don’t you join and sell yours like others are doing even without paying a coin.

With this tools am giving you,you can publish everywhere,publish on Amazon Canada,It makes it easily publish on Amazon UK and more Amazon marketplace.

But let me call your attention to this,you need a valid payment method for getting your royalty and a tax interview but don’t worry when signing up with them you will complete it,it very simple and didn’t required your time,it’s done in a couple of minutes this article guide to self publishing on amazon.

How to publish in Amazon without paying.

The first thing to is to have an existing amazon account and why?,because it won’t take much of your time instead of directly you unnecessary you will do it in a short time.

How to self publish on amazon.

Publish on Amazon kdp

What is kdp?,This simply means kindle direct publishing,This doesn’t required seller central or membership payment but just your sign up,tax and bank.

Kdp isn’t accepting general publishing,what I mean by general publishing means it only accept only eBook publishing and not music,arts and other Things but eBook and not video or audio eBook.

Sign up fast and start  earning.

sign up

Video central.

As with the name,this particular branch of amazon only allows videos publishing,it might be episode,it might be music video,comedies,eBook video and more,it just anything video.

what you have to do is to sign up with an existing account or you create a new one put your bani for receiving payments,your tax method and Start selling your videos.

Sign up fast

Media on demand

Also as the applies,the particular branch accept both audios and videos it will be =good for any creator with both products especially music artiste,this branch allows all medias,music and videos,you can easily sell your videos and audios in one platform without signing out and signing in different platforms.

And like the others What is important is your payment method and tax interview,then start Earning.

Start now


Merch by Amazon

This is called merchandize,it specialist on physical products and not any of the digital products,This is an opportunity for you sellers who sells wears and other products like baby needs,marriage wears and more,what you need to do is upload your product artwork to Amazon and don’t worry your buyers will come if you have a good products what I recommended for you is to make sure your product artwork looks really good and nice,because no one will by a bad thing even if it Is good but your artwork poor no one will come to your page and products,so make it really nice.

And again it you have a good product many affiliate will come your way and market it for you this thing is Good because it looks free,you’re are not the one that will be paying those marketers don’t worry Amazon will take care of everything,just sign up and had your bank set for receiving payments and you tax set.

Ready?,sign up now and Earn



Audiobook creation Exchange (ACX) makes it easy to produce and distribute your digital audiobook.

ACX also provides distribution options to the leading retailers of audiobook, Amazon and iTunes, as well as their global partners. It’s free to try ACX.

You too can be part,This is an opportunity for every Authors because When you are earning your revenue from kdp you will also be earning from ACX.

How does Acx work

As we had discussed before it stand for Audio book creation exchange,after you’ve selling your books in kdp you can still do an audio version and earn extra income,even if you can’t do the audio Acx provide an opportunity to give it to someone in the Acx community,glad? then start now and earn more Income.

Amazon has made it simple to earn online,done?,don’t forget to share,like and tell it to others by doing this you can eradicate stress and poverty,online works is the best nothing like it,make sure you share this and help others like you.

Finish how to self publish on amazon?

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