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How cryptocurrency,bitcoin can eradicate poverty

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Bitcoin,ethereum and litecoin are good examples of cryptocurrency that can change the world and rescue us from poverty but this can only happen if we embrace them,how can we embrace them?

Embracing cryptocurrency

Embracing Cryptos will really help us and we can embrace it by making it spread rapidly around the world some countries or Continent however have been in this journey for years and many of them are prospering.

I think this journey started around 2009 when the first altcoin was first created which is bitcoin,then it was $0.3 but suddenly shot up in 2017 those who purchased it then are now millionaires and billionaires Cryptocurrencyif you have done it then you would have been one of the happiest man at this hour.

It pained me most because I was Young then,I was only 9 years old the most thing that parents forced me to do is Reading and running errands around which made me not to realize that I am missing a life changing opportunity.

But what about you who noticed this and yet did nothing but you don’t need to regret because it can still help you,Cryptocurrencyyou may not be among those bitcoin millionaires and billionaires but you can still make money with the little space that remains.

How Cryptos can change the world and eradicate poverty

Altcoins are a very good way to eradicate poverty. And this can only be possible if every institution,academies,businesses and countries accept this and this doesn’t work like magic let me show you how it will be but am going to go back to the first year of bitcoin.

If I purchased a $10 worth of bitcoin which is $0.3 at that time and every institutions,academies and businesses does we don’t need to use paper money it will be our only source of payment.

Assuming that I feel like eating bread I will go to bread seller and pay him with any Cryptos he want but let use bitcoin,remember that we only purchased a $10 worth of btc and it’s $0.3 then and as many people join the price will be shifted higher let me say it will now be $0.6 which means that the money in wallet has been doubled 2 times,So if I intend to sell that bitcoin I will sell it $20 which means i make $10 profit.

So if I pay that bread seller $2 worth of bitcoin I will still have an extra $8 and $10 as capital making $18 and it will be increasing as people keep joining and as time keep going. That is the secret of cryptocurrency.

The price will keep going higher and higher except for the pandemic which cut bitcoin price low but ethereum was never affected it still keeps going higher every week. Even if many institutions doesn’t accept blockchain it can still Change your life,I called this mission crytocurrency

How cryptocurrency can change your life even if not accepted by all

Buy low and sell high

Imagine buying a $50 worth of ethereum and leaving it for months or years. currency is like seed and it will keep growing if you allow it and you can pluck it fruit forever,crypto currency has come to stay.

Many people are having one fear in common,they thought that someone might run away with their money or their wallet app might crash or something,especially a particular friend of mine and I keep using a brand as an example thanks to God he’s using Samsung,I told him,”Samsung produced this phone you purchased it and that all they can never again claim the phone or shut it down from anywhere except to upgrade it and That is optional for you”.

What I am trying to let him understand is that blockchain,contract and wallet are a decentralized system,no authorship no administration so no theft.

Before google play store add an application to their system it will be verify by their play protect even no one except you will know how much you have in your wallet.

You can never imagine installing a game,played it to some mission and come back to see that someone has finished or restarted the game for you.

This is exactly how Cryptos work. You may leave it for years and come back to sell it higher than you purchased it.

Those that purchases 1 bitcoin at $0.3 and sell it at $10,000 will knew what am talking about.

If  a hundred million turning you to a multi millionaire in seven years of no work.

I pitied those like myself who missed this grave opportunity and those who see and ignore.

Do or post a trade

You can trade with it,this option can make you tons of money in weeks but the risk is high especially if you are into forex.

Am urging everyone to start saving Cryptos if you’re thinking that bitcoin is to high for you then try to purchase ethereum it’s going higher in every week.

No need to save your money in banks,they will use your money to invest,trade forex and still keep charging and deducting your money,why don’t you save it in your wallet as an altcoin instead and make it grow like cocoa or coconut,you can withdraw it anytime no one will dictate for you,you are the author and the administration.

As read earlier,Cryptos are the best way to end poverty why don’t you join and do your part.

Why do you think inksnation was created,why did you think ibnaira and pinkard was created all are the property of inksnation but we haven’t verified it yet because I wrote to the EFCC about it but they told me to do diligence Crytocurrencythough it CEO claimed to have written to them but he only posted it to twitter and didn’t submit it to their office.

Cryptocurrency or altcoin now own the world and they are ready to help us if we give them a way,you can join us now in buycoins Africa inc to start saving coins and posting trade.

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How bitcoin and Cryptos can change the world
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How bitcoin and Cryptos can change the world
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