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Beware of blog24 | Scam alert with proof

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Beware of blog24 agent

Blog24 was launched a little time ago and has been claiming to be the best,but let me tell you according to blog24 review by one of my blogger friend,income program never last,maybe 5 months they are gone. I saw that in racksterly they closed with my $18,i also saw that in Mulabux we are having issue right now.

I have like $150 on mulabux withdrawing it is hard this is what we sawBlog24 reviewThis kind of issue applied to many other programs.

As a blogger does,i saw that blog24 has been popular among my friends so i decided to try it even if not for a friend quyum whom we are friend from one blogger group i wouldn’t have try it,but well i did and this is what i saw.

Blog24 a scam review

My journey to blog24

I typed out their domain and registered according to their form of subscription i contacted the first person this is what he told me+ then i moved to another agentBlog24 reviewThis agent is the reason why i wrote this. If you login to blog24 account you will see a written text which says “purchase coupon”it will then take you to agent page there you will see a name “Mr Austin”Blog24 reviewThis is the agent that scammed me and has been scamming people.

I contacted him on WhatsApp and he replied me,he sent me thisnow i want you to read our conversation and to your notice people are complaining of used coupon codes and then the same thing happened to me now and he never refund the money,read the screenshot.

The review | Blog24 review

For starting i requested the first plan which is the Premium

In the website it’s #2100 but he asked for #2150 which is normal to me because of the bank extra charges.

After i sent him the money he took him more than an hour to sent the code 9:08 am to 2:35 pm finally he gave me the code i headed to my blog24 account and inserted the code this is what pop up to meBlog24 review

It was then i remembered the complaints of many people that they have been buying used coupon code but no one heard this because many of them are either government workers of some sort but not a blogger like me. With that fury i return to WhatsApp and gave some bad wordsthen he replied

I marked a chat there which simply means my sweat is gone like many unheard others. But one chat there which is from another agent made me think maybe i was wrong so i took another step.

If you visit your Blog24 login page you will see a link like this “check pin validity” if you click it,it will take you hereBlog24 review

I paste the coupon code this is what it showed me+ which simply means the code has been sold to another member named akachi this is the details

I took no time in messaging akachi,this is what i wrote to him first+ and after a minute i decided to send him the details,he took no time to reply me can you see that this is madness,you have sold something and you still sell it to another person.

To save the guy akachi i sent him thisBlog24 review

What you should do | Blog24 review

Readers make sure you risk what you can handle as one of my friend ohizicash has said,he said “risk what you can take”,i have experienced many of this kind it was then i understand that all this income program are not here to help but to add more wounds to this land.

What surprised me so much was that this scammer Umaru tijani Austin was an Evangelist, I worked and brings out some things. He was an Evangelist but this doesn’t surprised me much because evangelism and church doesn’t mean scam free.

Blog24 Doesn’t reply me

In other order to verify what just happened to me i seek out to message the admin i did but what amazed me is they don’t reply to any of my messages,Mulabux did the same thing they never reply to messages,theexodus are doing the same thing they don’t reply back.

Let me call your attention to one thing,those that doesn’t reply to complains aren’t here to help but to rob you,if you have some problems how will they solve it,that why i love foreign programs even if you type hi,they will still reply and still beg you for lateness.

I would have report them to their registry and scamadviser because that is what i can easily do but just because we are on the same server,our blog x-moreupdate and theirs blog24 are on the same server and because more people are still there.

What i want you to do now is contact me if you notices any form of fraud like used coupon code and money holding i am an admin in scamadviser i promise to help you report them.

This guy tijani,if you’re reading this what i want you to know is that,that money can bring your ruin,for sure am not only one you’ve done this too. I would’ve said “blog24 popular scammer” but that won’t take me anywhere and i would’ve use my Instagram account which has more than 1,000 followers but it may mean spoiling your church but i choose this,because this is my way.

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